New Batman V Superman Teasers Invite You to Pick a Side

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Go on, choose one. The rich guy who prances around at night in a Halloween costume or the alien who wears his undies over his lycra garments. Yeah, we’re siding with Batman too, mainly because he shouldn't stand a chance in this contest. Warner Bros. released two 30-second TV spots for Batman V Superman over the weekend, with the superheroes stating their case in each clip.

We’ve seen a lot of the footage before, but this round of teasers sort of pitches the action as an election, with the protagonists getting all fired up by slamming the other guy. Superman accuses Batman of being a one-man reign of terror who needs to be retired. Batman, however, bites back by claiming Superman kicked off the war, and argues that the alien has the power to wipe out the human race.

We approve of the smack-talk, but it looks increasingly likely that the two will butt heads for a bit, before joining forces and eventually taking a back seat as Wonder Woman sorts shit out and then leaves before taking any credit. There’s a new poster too, which is like a chest-off between the burly blokes. Stick 25 March in your calendars and argue with fellow fans using the #WhoWillWin hashtag in the meantime. [NME]

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