New Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaks Show Off the... Selfie Camera Hardware

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s quite possibly the sexiest Samsung Galaxy S7 leak yet, and it’s very nearly too much to handle. The image below apparently shows off the upcoming smartphone’s selfie camera bits. We could gaze at them all day, with their lenses and connectors and whatnot.

How do we know they’re intended for use in the S7? The big ‘SM-G930F’ stamp at the top of the board refers to the mobile’s internal model name. In all honesty, the biggest talking point about the leaked picture is the skewed placement of the connector, though nobody actually knows whether that's important or not. Motherboard design speculation, anyone? Previous gossip has it down as a 5-megapixel number, and this confirms nothing.

Thankfully, that’s not all the latest leak has to offer. An accompanying image reportedly shows off the entire handset (as well as a reflection of the HTC One M7), though it’s not a lot to look at, being all dressed up in a special rig and all. Its leak-retardant case does its job frustratingly well, essentially hiding any major design talking points. The shape of the home button and the capacitive key markings do suggest it's a Samsung number, however.

The smartphone's expected to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at MWC next month. [GSMArena]

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