New Smart NOW TV Box Wraps On-Demand and Free Live TV in New UI

By Gerald Lynch on at

The impressive-looking Sky Q box won't be the only new hardware from the satellite TV giant this year. Today, Sky has announced that it will be launching a new version of its internet streaming puck, called the Smart NOW TV Box.

An update on its cheap-as-chips current NOW TV box, it'll offer NOW TV's standard pay-to-view on demand streaming content alongside 60 free-to-air live TV channels. It'll essentially make it a fully fledged set-top box, albeit one that requires internet access rather than an aerial or satellite to view.

The Smart NOW TV box, again developed by streaming gurus Roku, will have an all-new UI that focusses on editorial recommendations, grouping "Best of Catch Up" content together.

The contract-free pricing structure looks set to remain the same, with an Entertainment Month Pass (focussing on TV shows) costing £6.99, a Sky Movies Month Pass costing £9.99, and Sky Sports daily, weekly and monthly passes costing £6.99, £10.99 and £31.99 respectively.

There's no pricing or release date information to share yet. The current NOW TV box can usually be picked up for less than £15 however, and if the Smart NOW TV box can do the same, those flogging pricey Freeview boxes may need to rethink their plans. [Sky]