Next Pair of Google Nexus Smartphones May Come From HTC

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s fair to say that HTC's still not managed to build on the success of the One M7, with both the One M8 and One M9 failing to set the world alight. The Taiwanese company is naturally determined to get back to competing with Apple and Samsung, and new reports suggest it’s looking for a leg-up from the Nexus brand.

Having been Google’s hardware partner for 2010’s Nexus One, HTC’s no stranger to the line. It was behind the 2014 Nexus 9 tablet too, though that was good rather than great. Rumours say it’s ready to dive back in with two separate handsets, both of which would hit the market later this year. Tipsters reckon the company's building both a 5-incher and a 5.5-incher, which should appeal to the vast majority of consumers.

If true, the news will come as a blow to Huawei and LG, which were behind last year's excellent Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Google's got the pick of the litter. [Slashgear]

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