Almost All NHS Apps Have Serious Security Problems

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something known as the Annual State of Application Security Report has happened or been made or something, with the list writers analysing the security strength and technical box-ticking of numerous health and finance apps. They didn't do as well as you might expect of things charged with protecting our most personal data.

According to the stats assembled by security firm Arxan, binary protection is missing from all of the apps offered by the NHS, meaning it might therefore be a little easy for bad youths in black hooded tops to hack them open and gain access to grandma's foot clinic appointment schedule.

The security experts were looking for some of the most common forms of security risks across a range of 126 health and finance apps, and... it found them. They say 90 per cent of the apps checks contained two of its top ten riskiest security risks, with 80 per cent of the health apps -- including some NHS and US FDA approved tools -- having a similar number of potential weak points.

There are some infographics available to make it easier to digest. [OWASP via The Register]

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