Night Tube Farce Continues as RMT Announces More London Underground Strikes and Mystery Action

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Again? You betcha. The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union has announced that Tube drivers will be involved in three 24-hour strikes during January and February. Shock horror, they’re still firmly opposed to the planned Night Tube service, which was supposed to arrive in early September, but appears to have been delayed indefinitely.

The RMT strikes will begin at 18.30 on 26 January, 15 February and 17 February. Better yet, Aslef union is expected to get in on the action too, which would mean more members of staff walking out on 27 January, 15 February and 17 February. Fortunately, you've still got plenty of time to come up with an explanation of why you won't be able to get a bus to the office.

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Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who has previously  said that the Night Tube isn't 'critical', is backing Tube chiefs to take on the unions, who are also unhappy with pay. RMT says there will also be a week of industrial action from 7 February, though specific details are yet to be decided. Back in November, TfL revealed that it had hired 500 extra members of staff  for the Night Tube, who were being paid £1.5 million per month. It's nice to know where all of our travel money's going. [BBC]

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