Not One, But Two HTC One M10 Phones to Follow MWC 2016

By Gerald Lynch on at

HTC One M7? Good. HTC One M8? Even better. HTC One M9? Well, a picture of that phone should sit next to the words "dropped the ball" in the dictionary of phrases. It's been difficult of late watching the long time Android trendsetter,  as declining sales and top-brass turmoil has seen smartphone innovation at the company slow.

So 2016 is an important year for HTC. According to the latest rumours, HTC still intends to follow up the underwhelming M9 with a new One M10 device – or two, to be precise. The company's next flagship smartphone, codenamed "Perfume", is expected to land in two variants; one sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (offering improved battery life, connectivity and graphics capabilities over the M9's Snapdragon 810), as well as a MediaTek CPU touting option. The latter probably won't concern you though, most likely destined for Chinese and south-east Asian markets.

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As well as the CPU boost, the HTC One M10 will, as you'd expect, come with a revamped version of the company's Sense UI. It'll be the eighth full revision of the skin, sitting on top of Android 6.0.1 No leaks on what it will include yet, but recent versions have focussed on contextual awareness when presenting suggested apps, customisation options and nifty camera tricks.

With the annual mobile phone show bonanza of MWC around the corner, it's looking again as if HTC is going to skip the party, preferring its own individual event rather than rubbing shoulders with the other mobile big players. That's not to say HTC will have no on-the-floor presence at MWC – with a key trend for the show being the presence of first-gen consumer virtual reality wares, it's likely the company will focus on showing off its Vive VR headset – the one complete with full-room motion tracking it's developed in conjunction with Valve. [SlashgearLlabTooFeR (Twitter)]