Nothing Could Be More Relaxing Than a Zen Garden Puzzle That Becomes a Zen Garden

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There are as many ways for people to relax as there are for them to get stressed. Some like to spend countless hours assembling puzzles, while others prefer the meticulousness of maintaining a beautiful zen garden. But imagine how relaxed you’d be doing both of those hobbies at the same time.

Available from the Japan Trend Shop for £20, this 108-piece puzzle is especially challenging given the seemingly random curved lines across every piece. But once successfully assembled it reveals the intricate rake lines — meant to represent the ripples in a stream — of a Japanese rock or zen garden.

The puzzle also comes with four faux-moss pads and 16 rocks that can be carefully arranged to further adorn your zen garden puzzle to maximise your inner peace. [Japan Trend Shop]

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