Oculus Rift Won't Take Your Money Until Pre-Orders Ship

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of Oculus Rift, the company that may or may not revolutionise gaming and the world depending on your personal standpoint on strapping screens to your head, has gone on an internet news splurge, telling buyers how the pre-ordering process for the consumer VR headset will operate.

In short, it's good news for people who plan on pre-ordering the headset come official launch day this week -- no money will be taken until the units are actually finished and ready to ship. OR boss Palmer Luckey said: "We won't lock people into pre-orders months before reviews come out using our awesome pre-order bonuses. We have confidence in our product!"

There's also sort-of good news for those after one of the Touch controllers, with Luckey explaining: "When you pre-order Rift, you also reserve your spot for Touch pre-orders. First in line for Rift=First in line for Touch." Which is nice, although perhaps a little baffling for consumers when the thing doesn't come with its custom controller in the box -- just an Xbox One controller.

One thing we don't know is the price of the headset. Luckey made reference to "subsidized Rift hardware" in a comment about the price of the Touch controller, so presumably it's going to be sold at something of a loss to try to convince the unconvinced to give VR a shot. [Twitter via TR]

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