One of the World's Most Wanted Criminals Has Been Working at a Subway Near a Police Station

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The name Piotr Kupiec may not ring any bells, but he’s actually one of the world’s most wanted men, having been on the run since 2007. So where’s he been hiding? Forests? Underground? The second page of Google search? Nope. He’s actually been working at a Subway near a police station.

We don’t currently know how long Kupiec’s been in the sandwich-making game, but he’s reportedly been at the Devizes branch of Subway for a fair amount of time, having lived in the area for several years. Somewhat embarrassingly, the outlet in question is in the vicinity of the Wiltshire Police headquarters, whose officers apparently like to eat fresh there on a regular basis.

According to his lovely entry on the International Police Crime Organisation's (Interpol) list of most wanted criminals, Kupiec is wanted for 'injury causing death/manslaughter/murder, assault/maltreatment and theft'. He's believed to have been involved in a gang-related incident after a football match between Korona Kielce and Legia Warsaw eight years ago, but he managed to flee Poland before coppers could get to him. [HuffingtonPost]

Image: Taylor McBride via Flickr

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