Palmer Luckey Apologises for Oculus Rift Price, But Also Calls it "Obscenely Cheap"

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It was always going to be this way, but we’re still upset about how expensive Oculus Rift is. We have the right to be too. Back in September, Palmer Luckey told us it would be in the "ballpark" of $350 (£240) -- a far cry from the £499 it will actually set you back. To add insult to injury, UK consumers are being made to shell out almost £100 more than US customers, who’ll be charged $599 (£410) instead.

For many of us, the VR headset will only truly land once that £499 price point is lowered. Luckey, however, has held his hands up and apologised for misleading would-be consumers with his previous estimation. “I handled the messaging poorly,” the 23-year-old inventor explained on Reddit this week. “My answer was ill-prepared, and mentally, I was contrasting $349 with $1,500, not our internal estimate that hovered close to $599. I apologize.”

Luckey, however, considers the Oculus' real pricing to be more than fair. He described the Rift as "obscenely cheap" for what it is, says that the company will not be making a profit, and that European taxes are to blame for higher costs on this side of the Atlantic. It's worth mentioning that the headset comes bundled with a sensor, Oculus Remote, cables, Xbox One Controller, and the VR games EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Talewill, but also requires an expensive gaming rig powerful enough to run VR goodies. [Guardian]

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