Pay £150 to Have Lunch in the Vicinity of the Queen in Our Deal of NO DAYS

By Gary Cutlack on at

A street party in The Mall is being planned to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, only it's not going to be the sort of all-inclusive modern affair your might expect -- it's more of a 15th century style private banquet for the rich. If any poor people stray in, they're likely to be spit-roasted and eaten by gout-ridden executives.

The Patron's Lunch will take place on 12 June this year, with around 10,000 guests invited to attend. But there won't be many of us loyal servants there, as only 1,000 invites are being put out to a public ballot. The bulk of the attendees will be corporate buyers, people with lots of money who fancy a day off to stand around in London and share anecdotes about the creation of Coronation Chicken.

The not-for-the-likes-of-us event will have a "carnival atmosphere" according to Peter Phillips, the Queen's grandson who announced the party, with the gathering happening at the end of a series of events marking the Queen's official birthday weekend. Her actual birthday is in April, if you're thinking of sending her a card.

Mr Phillips says the event is not about milking charities and businesses for money to help pay for crowns, cars and foreign trips, explaining: "This is a not-for-profit event. Sports and Entertainment Ltd [his company] is being paid a set fee basically to take this from sign-off from the palace through to delivery of the event." [BBC]

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