Photoshop Challenge: Can You Design a Better BBC Three Logo?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The slow, sad decline of BBC Three has been well documented. But who could have guessed that it being shuffled under the online carpet would be an indignity it would suffer second to that of its new logo?

As reported earlier, the BBC has been getting some stick for the newly-migrated channel's fresh branding. Does it read like an excitable BBC 2 (!) rather than BBC III? Is it poorly aligned? Could it really have been put together by the fictional farcical committee of W1A, as BBC's head of marketing Nikki Carr joked?

So, here's the BBC Three logo that has been selected to represent the channel going forward:

Very pink. And, for those that require order and symmetry, very poorly balanced:



Not long after the logo was revealed, the jokers started earning their Twitter followers with alternatives. Up top is a crop of this straight-edge, Black Flag-inspired number from our erstwhile editor Matt Hill:

Henry Rollins would be proud. Certainly, the official logo lacks some inspiration, especially given the BBC as a whole network is home to some rather wonderful idents.

But enough mud-slinging. Can you do better? Put the kettle on, fire up Photoshop and see if you can come up with something that's a bit more fitting for the home of Family Guy and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. Or do worse even, provided you give us a good laugh in the process. Pop your mightiest efforts below and we pinky-promise to print the best one off and stick it on the fridge. Proud, so proud.

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