Pitbull and Beyonce May Drive Kids to Drink via YouTube

By Gary Cutlack on at

YouTube videos that feature their protagonists swigging posh brandy and putting cigars out on the arms of their adoring fans might be warping the minds of a generation, with a survey suggesting that kids are exposed to an endless stream of exciting cigarette and alcohol use via online music promos -- which could lead to an increase in childhood use.

The University of Nottingham has assembled the data, in which it claims that girls between the ages of 13 and 15 are the most likely to be battered by videos of famous people quaffing luxury booze and smokes as they go about their internet business. The university is worried that such glamorisation of such pursuits could -- could -- lead to an increase in their adoption by impressionable youngsters, and would like the BBFC to included recreational drinking and smoking in its music vid certification processes.

Dr Jo Cranwell from the University of Nottingham said: "Girls are looking at role models beyond their core family unit and their peers. They're looking at wider society and they're looking at celebrities on film. They're very attractive and they lead very aspirational lifestyles and these young girls are looking to them to learn about how they should look and how they should behave."

"The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) should include portrayals of alcohol and tobacco smoking in their 'drug misuse' and their 'dangerous behaviours presented as safe age classification' criteria and at the moment they're not," she added. The BBFC, though, says public opinion is that smoking and drinking are not currently "areas for concern," so there. [Newstalk]

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