Companies Can Dodge the 5p Plastic Bag Law by Chopping Off the Handles

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Card Factory has confirmed that it’s been getting around the 5p carrier bag law by simply doing away with handles. Regulations state that companies with 250 or more full-time members of staff have to charge at least 5p for a unused plastic bag with handles, that happens to be 70 microns thick or less.

The law was introduced in England back in October, in order to protect the environment. It therefore seems more than a little silly to include such a glaring loophole, especially as the planet and all of it's cute little animals are the only real losers. The Card Factory, it must be said, isn't doing anything wrong, and is probably making consumers pretty happy. It sells regular plastic bags too. For 5p.

Since the rule came into force, plastic bag thefts have become a slight issue for supermarkets, with thousands of consumers determined to keep a hold of their spare change. Our favourite story, however, concerns the Oldham branch of Tesco that had to introduce special tags after a third of its shopping baskets went missing within a week. [Guardian]

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