Pretend LG's 98-Inch 8K Super UHD TV Doesn't Exist if You Ever Want to be Content With Your Telly

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's something a bit sickening about the timing of the CES trade show. One of, if not the biggest TV tech showcase in the world, it comes right after the busiest TV buying period of the year, Christmas. So if you were saving the pennies before buying that big flagship 4K TV for the yuletide break, you might want to look away now – LG's monstrous new set will only bring you pain.

The LG Super UHD UH9800 is an early contender for a CES most-wanted / most overkilled award. At 98-inches on the diagonal, you'll have to take a wall out to get it into your house, while its 8K resolution laughs at your measly 4K display and wouldn't relieve itself on your 1080p telly should it be set on fire by the dying embers of your faulty fairy lights. An LCD display with LED backlighting, its IPS panel should help it when it comes to contrast range and colour dynamism –  useful for delivering the bright lights and dark corners of supported HDR content. The webOS 3.0 smart TV platform will provide 4K and HDR streaming options through Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, too.

While super-large 8K screens have been rolled out every year for the last four or so years at the major tradeshows, LG's display comes with one notable difference – while it's yet to get a price tag, it will get a release at some point in 2016, likely after the summer. Given LG's previous, it's possible that the UH9800 will stand as a Korea-only release, but the company has stated that the smaller 4K models in its UHxxxx range will get a US release as early as the spring. So there's hope yet for a wider release, and plenty of time yet to get planning permission for the stand.

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