Reddit's Released an Actual Book of its AMAs With a High Price Tag

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This feels kind of wrong. Reddit has assembled a series of its best Ask Me Anything (AMA) from the website into a real physical book, and it will gladly take $35 for a copy on Amazon's US portal. That's about £25, but at the moment the physical version isn't showing up on the UK Amazon site.

The book, available on Amazon in the US but not deliverable to the UK, is a weighty tome, clocking in at 400 pages and containing the mutterings of, among others, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates and Buzz Aldrin. All the content is pulled from r/IAmA, with illustrations by u/youngluck and introductions written by r/IAmA Mods. It is a full-on Reddit-fest. It’s also only Volume 1, so it suggests you can expect more in the future.

The hardcover book costs $35 or a Kindle version $5 in the US; the UK Kindle version costs £3.28. But, but... you can just read it all for free on Reddit, which is its natural home. [Amazon via Boing Boing]

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