Reports Say Chris Evans Threatened to Quit Troubled 'Top Gear' Reboot

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet more possibly portentous bad news has emerged from those close to the BBC's refreshed Top Gear production, with sources claiming that new lead host Chris Evans has threatened to walk away from the deal.

According to people quoted by the Mirror, Evans is particularly miffed by interference in the show's production by BBC bosses, with the corporation's management seemingly keen to have a say in every minor part of the direction one of its most important international cash cows takes.

Former BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw was the target of Evans' wrath, says the source, with Shillinglaw's "micro-management" of the Top Gear production team said to be getting right on the host's tits.

The Mirror's source uses words like "disheartened" to describe the host's frame of mind, also saying he was particularly stressed by the feeling of "constant interference" from his bosses. Which should make for some interesting viewing, with viewers keen to see if he can talk and drive, hold his chips down or mask his disdain for his management. [Mirror via Jalopnik]

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