Ruin an iPhone User's Day With This Phone-Crashing Link

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're reading this on an iPhone, consider this fair warning – there's a nasty link doing the rounds on the web that exists for the soul purpose of crashing your Apple-built smartphone.

The link in question, (non-hyperlinked for your own sakes here folks), creates a self-generating string of text, designed to overload Apple's first-party Safari browser. Filling the address bar faster than the iPhone can process what's going on, it wreaks havoc with the phone's memory systems, making devices heat up and (after about 20 seconds) forcing the phone into a full reboot.

As you'd imagine, Apple's other iOS devices, such as the iPad, are equally troubled by the site. And though the prank has less severe results when played on Android or computer users, Google's Chrome browser is significantly slowed when accessing the site (in correlation to the processing power of the device). Keep your eyes peeled, and maybe avoid hitting any link that's been created using a link shortener just to be safe, at least until Apple and others patch in some kind of defence.

Cheers for the tip, Tom!