Save up to £100 on the iPhone 6S With These O2 and EE Discount Codes

By Gizmodo UK on at

Our mates over at Techradar have been dangling a trio of iPhone 6S deals in front of our faces this morning, and they’re all crackers. If you missed out on the Black Friday iPhone discounts, you’re in luck.

O2’s offering the 64GB model for £31 per month (after a £75 upfront fee), which will get you unlimited calls and texts, 3GB of data and a tidy £100 saving. Follow this link and use the voucher code TRJANSALEO2.

EE’s own 64GB iPhone 6S offer includes 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data for £34.99 per month, after an initial £50 payment. It represents a saving of £50. Click this link and use the code TRJAN64.

If 64GB won’t cut it, the company’s got a 128GB iPhone 6S deal too. It’s also up for £34.99 per month, but this time after a £150 upfront fee, which gets you unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 4GB of data. Once more, there’s a saving of £50 in it for you. Follow this link, and use the code TRJAN128.

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