Smash Your New Year's Resolutions With the Microsoft Band 2

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People often put so much pressure on themselves when it comes to keeping up with their New Year’s Resolutions. Making huge, bold promises on the 1st of January only to find themselves back down to the pub five days later with only a direct debit going out to their local gym to show for it.

Well, let’s make 2016 your year. No, not in an airy-fairy new-age-y way. But equipping yourself with the right tools to make it waaay more likely that you’ll set achievable goals and maybe, just maybe, actually smash them.

Plenty of wearables have arrived on the scene that do one thing well. Whether that one thing is tracking your runs or keeping tabs on your sleep. But the Microsoft Band 2 is an all-singing, all-dancing wearable that ticks all of the boxes, tracking normal daily activity, heart rate, exercise, calorie burn, sleep quality and even serving up notifications to help you switch off more.

We’ve collected together our top ways for the Microsoft Band 2 to help you smash your New Year’s Resolutions whether you just want to give up your constant phone scrolling habit or run a marathon. And hey, if you haven’t decided on what your New Year’s Resolutions will even be just yet, feel free to borrow a couple from our list.

You want to be more mindful and stop scrolling

Oh we know, mindfulness has been such a buzzword this year that we’re sick of seeing it everywhere too. But regardless of how much it irks you, the basic principles are, let’s face it, pretty damn useful. By giving up on the constant mind chatter we can focus more on what’s going on right now, which has been proven to make people feel happier and more productive. And I think we can all agree that one of the best ways to be mindful nowadays is to kick your habit of constantly scrolling through your social media feeds.

We know – it’s all easier said than done. But the Microsoft Band 2 isn’t just here to whip your body into shape. Its notification features mean you can put down your phone without missing out on anything really important, because it’ll display stuff you must know on its 320 x 128 pixel AMOLED display, like incoming call alerts, text notifications, email and calendar updates and (if you can't resist) even social media alerts from Facebook and Twitter. So for all of those who say they have to keep checking their phones every five minutes because you might miss something, well, now you have no excuses whatsoever.

You want to get fit

It’s one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions out there, but with a Microsoft Band 2 strapped to your arm, it’s totally possible.

The reason the Band 2 is so good at tracking your fitness levels is because it’s packed full of sensors. When it comes to fitness a barometer provides the most accurate elevation levels, especially if you’re into hiking, and the measure of VO2 max paints the most accurate picture for those into running and sports.

That’s great if you want to track your improvements and feel motivated by seeing your progress. Microsoft’s Health app allows you to check out what your trends are to see your improvement based on past recordings, view your personal bests and see all your past GPS routes. The Microsoft Band 2 leaves no stone unturned.

For those who need a bit of added motivation, Guided Workouts give you exercise prompts based on your personal data insights right from the Band 2’s display - think of it like a personal trainer on your wrist.

The Microsoft Health app also allows you to search for, build and sync your favourite workouts. You don’t have to rely on reams of data about your runs, you can branch out and do whatever you like all the while knowing the Band 2 is tracking how well you perform.

You want to improve your sleep

The Microsoft Band 2 is able to track how long you sleep for, your efficiency percentage (your time spent sleeping divided by the total time), how many times you woke up in the night, how much sleep was truly “restful”, what your heart rate was and even how many calories you burned while sleeping (yes that’s a thing). That’s a whole load of data!

You can then use the data to figure out what good habits help you sleep longer, try and beat your goal each day and gain valuable insights from the Microsoft Band 2.

You want to branch out and try new things

We already know that the Microsoft Band 2 is able to keep tabs on your steps and how well you’re running. Which, in the wearable tech world is standard.

But it’s way smarter than most of the competition because it’ll also track a whole host of other activities - and serve up the same smart insights about them. It’s built to be a companion out on the green for keen golfers or while you’re cycling around the city or countryside.

This makes it ideal if your New Year’s Resolution is to branch out from the gym and try different things, all the while knowing the Band 2 is on your wrist helping you perform at the best of your ability.