Star Wars: Episode VIII is the Dark/Gritty One

By Gary Cutlack on at

The next Star Wars main line franchise is going to be a bit darker and more angsty. So says John Boyega, who should know because he's got a script and is (SPOILER) in it.

The quotes come from this now familiar mouth speaking to an unusual source -- Vogue magazine. The fashion outlet spoke to Boyega about his South London roots in a spoiler-packed interview, one that also covers some vague facts about what may come to pass in Episode VIII.

According to Boyega the next Star Wars Proper film is going to be a more intense affair than the jazzy fan service of Episode VII, with Boyega saying: "...we just starting work on Star Wars VIII, the next film, so I'm back to keeping secrets again ... It's great. Much darker, but we're very excited."

And he's still keeping it real on the London streets despite now having one of the most looked-at faces on the planet, adding: " life back home in London is still pretty normal. I mostly drove everywhere around where I live even before I got that part, so that has meant my life just goes on as normal. I was in Wandsworth this morning." [Vogue via Den of Geek]

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