Stupid Fake Grandma Scandal Costs Civil Servant Her Job

By Gary Cutlack on at

Worried that a press announcement didn't appear inclusive enough, local city official Sue Stenhouse decided she needed an old lady to stand behind her while making an announcement. But she couldn't find one, seeing as it was cold out, and they were all inside various houses drinking coffee for charities. So she instructed a man to dress up like an old lady.

The plan would've worked had it not been SHIT, as the clearly obviously fake old lady squirmed uncomfortably in front of the cameras, no doubt thinking about where it had all gone wrong over previous decades to end up in this sitcom situation.

Stenhouse's plan was down to the fact that she was promoting the local Snow Angels Program, a well-meaning scheme designed to encourage youngsters to clear the paths of elderly residents and generally be socially aware in bad weather. She's since resigned in the wake of #fakeoldladygate being uncovered. [WCVB]

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