Terrorists Popping Bombs on us Via Drone is 2016's New Menace

By Gary Cutlack on at

A "think tank" has warned that the world's terrorist groups might be moving further toward ditching the suicide approach to immolating its enemies, with national infrastructure and politicians now more likely to be hit by attacks from bomb-laden drones than randoms with bulky rucksacks.

The concept comes via the Oxford Research Group's Remote Control Project, an effort that looks at how military technology and approaches need to change. The group warns that "hostile drones" are high on the things to worry about now list, and that we need "stricter regulation and countermeasures" to fight off the threat of consumer drones being turned to the dark side by terror organisations.

As well as being used as particularly horrendous "affordable and effective airborne Improvised Explosive Devices" the report says they may even be used by troublemakers to scope out potential targets for ground-based attack.

Chris Abbott, the paper's lead author of the report, says: "The use of drones for surveillance and attack is no longer the purview of state militaries alone. A range of terrorist, insurgent, criminal, corporate and activist groups have already shown their desire and ability to use drones against British targets. Drones are a game changer in the wrong hands. The government needs to take this threat seriously and commit to a range of countermeasures that still allow for legitimate commercial and personal use."

The drone menace should be tackled by a basket of measures, including: "Stricter regulation limiting the capabilities of commercially available drones, GPS coordinates of no-fly zones installed by manufacturers and the licensing of drones capable of carrying payloads." [Remote Control Project via Guardian]

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