TfL and Sport Relief Partner to Create World's Dullest-Sounding Exercise Event

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

TfL and Sport Relief have joined forces to create a really dull-sounding charity-stroke-exercise type event. Like a stale couple content with going through the motions, the two bodies have decided that the best way to get people pumped about fitness is by organising a 14-mile guided walk along the Circle Line (aka the least good line).

Worse still, participants will also be forced to listen to a podcast of famous Londoners banging on and on about their favourite stops. This has crap-Ray-Winstone-anecdote written all over it. Fortunately, there’ll be food and drinks breaks along the way, so you can get all of your precious calories back and comfort-eat your way back to sanity at regular intervals.

It’s astonishing that this is the best idea the organisations were able to come up with. Holding a ‘Race the Tube’ event (excellent video below) would have been far more exciting, as would a ‘Vault the Ticket Barriers’ challenge or a ‘Tag the Tourists’ game. Come on, seriously.

On the positive side, Sport Relief wants people to commit to slightly more active daily routines, whether that involves taking the stairs instead of a lift or cycling a couple of times a week. Show-offs Participants are being encouraged to share their pledges on social media, and prizes will be awarded to the best ideas. [Event]

Image: AsleepOnTheTube via Twitter

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