TfL Has Spent Over £600,000 Teasing Londoners With Night Tube Ads

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It was supposed to launch back on 12 September, but has been delayed indefinitely amid disagreements over work hours and pay. However, that hasn’t stopped TfL from spending big on Night Tube ads. It’s emerged that, as of 13 January, the organisation spent a whopping £608,214 promoting the service across different channels, with the lion’s share of the cash used for online ads. Here’s a breakdown of the figures:

  • £193,086 for online and mobile display ads
  • £85,576 for radio ads
  • £86,715 for adverts in the press
  • £74,020 for outdoor ads
  • £21,648 for search-based advertising
  • £147,169 for production and distribution costs

TfL had obviously set the wheels in motion long before news of the big delay dropped, but this news highlights just how badly the affair has been handled. After suspending the launch, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the Night Tube wasn’t ‘absolutely critical’, which suggests that it could still be some way off.

Worse still, TfL confirmed back in November that it's been spending an extra £1.5 million per month paying around 500 new members of staff -- specifically brought in for the Night Tube -- since September. [Guardian]

Image: YouGov

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