TfL's Really Worried About Drunk People on the Night Tube

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Internal documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that Transport for London (TfL) has some serious concerns about the Night Tube. A risk assessment shows that the transport body expects sex attacks, theft and rowdiness to become major issues once the 24-hour Tube service rolls out.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol is at the heart of the potential problem, with TfL believing that inebriation would have the effect of leaving more people vulnerable to attack and increasing anti-social behaviour on the travel network. It plans to combat any trouble with a heavy police presence, though we're not sure if officers will be stationed on carriages, or just platforms.

Something else that doesn’t appear to get a mention is the very real danger of people falling onto the tracks. Currently, only sections of the Jubilee Line have protective platform screen doors that keep Tube users safe from the perils of murdering idiots and clumsy feet. Maybe just stand away from the platform edge for the time being. [Standard]

Image: Rooney Wimms via Flickr

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