"The Bat is Dead," Says Angry Lycra Guy in New Batman V Superman Footage

By Gary Cutlack on at

New footage from one of the trillions of superhero movies scheduled to arrive in 2016 has been released, with director Zack Snyder showing off an extended sequence from the previous Batman v Superman trailer on a US talk show.

Snyder introduced the footage on the Conan O’Brien show, giving us a bit more of a feel for Affleck's Batman's eye and chin work by showing more of the end of the tetchy confrontation scene between the two bulky, interchangeable alpha men. See Superman pull car doors off! Hear Batman's car alarm going off! Wonder why, if Superman hates Batman so much now, why he doesn't just laserbeam-eyes him into dust right there and then or fly him into space and throw him into the sun!

Superman's angrier than usual, that's for sure, telling Batman rather rigidly that "The Bat is dead" among other things. [AotFB]

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