The Drone Racing League Sounds Infinitely Better Than Formula 1

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

“My gaaahd, look at the dayyum thangs goooo!” You can almost hear the over-the-top commentary already. The Drone Racing League is a real thing, and it kicks off in Miami next month. Already trembling with excitement? There’s more.

Pilots will be challenged not just to race their drones around a track, but through one of six intricate-sounding obstacle courses. Seriously, find me someone who wouldn’t want to watch a pack (herd? flock? school?) of drones zooming through an abandoned shopping centre, stadium, or tunnel.

All competing drones will be the same, which is something hardcore Robot Wars fans will no doubt scoff at. That means that the pilots, who'll be able to see everything their drone sees through a pair of goggles, will be the ones under pressure. 12 pilots will be involved in each race, with the top six progressing to the next round. At the end, there'll be a world championship, where one person will be crowned the world's best pilot.

The first race is scheduled for 22 February, and if you don't happen to be in Miami at that time, you'll be able to watch all of the footage online. [Pocket-Lint]