The 'Fashion' Shots Promoting McDonald's New Packaging Will Make You Snigger

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

McDonald’s has decided that the best way to get customers to turn their backs on so-called ‘gourmet’ burger chains and return to the golden arches is by updating its packaging, rather than its food. The fast-food behemoth has unveiled the redesigned boxes, cups and paper bags that'll land in US outlets this month, and the rest of the world during the year.

Now for our favourite bit. To mark the occasion, McDonald’s forced challenged two students from Miami International University of Art and Design to create a range of fashion accessories using the new packaging. You can tell they only had 48 hours, but in fairness to Pablo Machado and Ricardo Hardouin, they had a tough task. Below are some shots of their creations.

Birmingham-based design agency Boxer led the project, and McDonald’s reckons the move towards bold, brightly-coloured typography will help it become more ‘progressive’. The company also says it will source 100 per cent of its fibre-based packaging from recycled or certified sources by 2020. [Dezeen]

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