The Government Wants to Chat About Geo-blocking

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government would like to know what you think about the EU's planned geo-blocking restrictions, with a public consultation now open to discuss the ramifications of the future enforcement of cross-border portability rules for digital services.

The updated EU guidelines would make it a requirement for digital service providers to make sure their listings of 1990s TV movies are accessible from anywhere within EU member states, putting an end to the need for a VPN to access French arthouse content when tourists pop over to the UK for a mini break.

Those with opinions on the regulations' definition of the "temporary access" that should be granted while overseas are invited to have a moan, with the consultation also wondering if it's right that it should only apply to paid subscription services where the user's original country of residence can be proven.

If you have any opinions about why it's good or bad, or even just want to vent about current copyright laws to someone who almost certainly won't reply back, all the contact details can be found within the IPOs consultation file [PDF]. [TorrentFreak]

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