The Metal LG G5 Will Almost Certainly Pack a Mysterious 'Magic' Slot

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

I’m really excited about the upcoming LG G5. A little while back, we heard that the South Korean firm was planning a design overhaul for its new flagship -- YES! -- and new rumours appear to confirm what we've been hoping for. According to the gossip, the LG G5 will feature an all-metal design and side-mounted volume buttons, but there’s been another interesting development too.

LG’s apparently including a mysterious new accessory slot at the bottom of the G5, through which users would apparently be able to swap out batteries and other hardware components. It's been dubbed the 'Magic' slot, and has certainly grabbed our attention.

It’s also being said that two cameras will adorn the G5’s rear, which unfortunately has ‘gimmick’ written all over it. After all, the Amazon Fire Phone’s five front-facing cameras did very little for anyone. LG’s set to spoil us with two flagships this year, and the G5’s set to be unveiled at MWC on 21 February. Hopefully it'll be just as competitively-priced as its excellent predecessor. [Verge, Cnet]

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