The New HTC Vive Pre Seems to Have Been Inspired By HoloLens

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

HTC has unveiled the Vive Pre, the company’s next step into the world of virtual reality, though it's only available to devs for now. It’s an upgraded version of the Vive, which was announced last year, and the company’s focused on improving its ergonomics and visuals.

First off, the new headset is more compact than its predecessor, though HTC says it should fit comfortably around a variety of facial shapes, as well as specs wearers. There’s a new strap too, which is claimed to provide better stability.

What’s really interesting, however, is the addition of a front-facing camera, which will allow Vive Pre users to see both the real world and the virtual. You’ll be able to avoid walking into walls and see who’s stroking your leg without having to remove the headset, which would come in rather handy.

HTC says the Pre will also offer the ability to merge real-world objects with virtual content, which screams of HoloLens, Microsoft’s own high-tech headpiece. There’s talk too of a brighter, sharper visual system, though exact specs haven't been revealed.

The Vive’s controllers have also been given special treatment, with softer edges, new textured buttons and grip pads for a more comfortable feel in the hand. Vive is set to go on sale in April, though HTC is still keeping mum on pricing.

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