The BBC Doesn't Care That The New BBC Three Logo Actually Screams Out BBC Two

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s no secret that people love complaining about change, which is why I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the hate being directed at BBC Three's new logo. This time, however, the criticism is fully warranted.

The new logo stands out not only because of its bold, simple design and bright colour scheme, but because it seems to say ‘BBC II!’ In a blog post, the BBC's Nikki Carr said she's blocking out the haters, and that the new logo will stick around for years.

"New BBC Three is founded on three principles that underpin everything we do," she wrote. "The first is 'make me think' -- hard hitting documentaries like Suicide and Me and thought provoking drama like Murdered By My Boyfriend. The second is 'Make me laugh' -- distinctive comedy like People Just Do Nothing or new entertainment shows like Murder In Successville. The third, the exclamation mark, is 'Give me a voice', which is what we will do for young people."

The channel will be turned into an online-only service in March, with the move likely to save the BBC millions. All long-form content, however, will also be televised on BBC One and BBC Two. [BBC blogs]

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