The Tube's Strange New Zone 2/3 is Great News for East Londoners' Wallets

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

TfL’s created a brand new travel zone in east London, which will help commuters save their precious pennies. Much as many of you may hope it was inspired by Platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter, Zone 2/3 should be read as ‘two-slash-three’, rather than ‘two-thirds’.

It spells great news for anyone who uses the Stratford, Stratford High Street, Stratford International, West Ham, Canning Town, Star Lane and Abbey Road stations on a regular basis. They’ve been relocated from Zone 3 to Zone 2/3, meaning that travellers who jump on or off at these stops will always pay a favourable fare.

For example, if you travelled from Stratford to Liverpool Street, you’d be charged for a Zone 2-Zone 1 journey. On the other hand, if you headed from Stratford to Wanstead, you’d only need to pay for a Zone 3-Zone 4 journey. Result. Bromley-by-Bow, East India, Pudding Mill Lane and North Greenwich also sit in Zone 2/3, though they were already positioned on the boundary between the two zones.

Tube travel fares went up by an average of 1 per cent over the weekend, so it’s nice to see a spot of good, money-saving news. Unfortunately, London Underground prices still compare badly with those of New York City’s Subway and Paris’ Métro systems. [Standard]

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