This is Why Season 2 of 'The Walking Dead' Was So Boring

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The second season of The Walking Dead wasn’t terrible, but it definitely doesn't measure up with the rest of the show, and former showrunner Frank Darabont has shed a little light on why. He’s currently locked in a legal battle with AMC, and his deposition reveals that much of the drama we’d have loved to see on-screen was actually taking place behind the scenes.

In simple terms, Darabont didn't see eye-to-eye with his bosses. He claims the channel failed to pay him his fair share of the profits for the show’s second season. As he was sacked midway through filming, this would seem to make sense. However, Darabont's claim that he worked on all of the episodes ahead of filming, and therefore needs to be paid for all of them, is backed up by his former assistant Glen Mazzara.

Here's the really juicy stuff, however. Despite smashing ratings with season one, Darabont says that AMC slashed the show’s budget to $3 million per episode from $3.4 million for season two, which triggered more problems. He also claims that AMC execs rarely showed up on set, and when they did, they usually stayed in a special air-conditioned tent for half-an-hour before heading off again. Put those claws away. Just kidding, keep them out. [THR via io9]

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