This Little Red Trigger Holds All the Nuclear Power of Trident

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

They just had to make it red, didn’t they? At least it’s not a comically-large button, I suppose. Lieutenant Commander Woods is the man who’ll be responsible for unleashing total devastation -- if the Trident nuclear deterrent system ever had to be put to use that is -- and he’ll do it with a squeeze of a trigger.

With permission from the Prime Minister, the weapons engineer officer has revealed that he’ll be tasked with launching Britain’s warhead-loaded Trident II D5 missiles, which could home in on up to 12 separate targets at once. The command from the top will first have to be authenticated, but Woods would fire knowing that there’s absolutely no way of stopping the weapons once they've been unleashed.

"It is a combination of an honour and a burden," he said this week. "Knowing what could be on your hands is obviously a heavy load to deal with, but at the same time, the fact that our political masters trust us to deliver the deterrent." Apparently great power doesn't always come with great responsibility, as Woods would be onboard one of the country's Vanguard Class submarines (and therefore underwater) if and when he'd fire, and therefore wouldn't actually see the consequences of the launch. [Telegraph]

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