This Man is 283 Games Into His Steam Catalogue Completion Quest

By Gary Cutlack on at

A brave gamer is undertaking one of the modern world's greatest challenges -- completing the games he's bought. Only he's not just trying to get through the last mission of last year's Call of Duty before this year's comes out; he's attacking the entire Steam catalogue.

Sadly for him, his family, health and bank balance, that currently numbers well over 3,000 titles. So the fact that he claims to have completed 283 of the games listed on Valve's distribution service is really quite the modern feat of endurance.

He's talking about it on a Reddit thread, where he's not exactly bigging himself up. He says he puts in "1-2 hours a day of playing" and that he tends to buy games only during the frequent Steam sales. "There isn't more to it than that," he says, while fending off offers of money to pay for more games, wishing instead for more time to build up his green tick list. [Reddit via Eurogamer]

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