Traffic? Tinnitus? Tartarus? What is the 'Bristol Hum'?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s back, apparently. Bristolians are once again being terrorised annoyed and enthralled by a low frequency humming sound, which was first recorded in the city in the 1970s. Nobody’s entirely sure what’s behind the noise, and every explanation put forward so far has raised eyebrows.

The current most-popular theories are a little tame for us. Tinnitus? Waves? Traffic? Try again. The midshipman fish explanation was more up our alley, but the Scottish Association for Marine Science dismissed that one, saying they wouldn't be loud enough to keep people awake.

So what on earth could be to blame? Is a slumbering giant snoring beneath our feet? Are the gates of Tartarus being forced slowly open? Is God simply doing a really enjoyable wee-wee? Share your theories in the comments section below. [Independent]

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