Vaginal Soundsystem Babypod Lets Pregnant Women Rock Out With Their Foetuses

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's long been discussed that audio stimulation may help in the development of foetuses in the womb, but for expectant mothers there's not been much more they can do than to blast out the speakers or find a pair of headphones with a stretch band to wrap around Bump. For the unborn audiophile in your life, you should instead consider the Babypod, a speaker system that's inserted into the vagina.

It's apparently the only way the little dude on the inside can hear sound without it being muffled. The musical tampon comes as a result of a study from Institut Marquès, which found that foetuses can hear and react to sounds as early as 16 weeks after conception. Babypod claims the clearer audio (sent from a connected smartphone) "stimulates the vocalisation of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development."

Babypod has already resulted in the first concert for expectant mothers and their unborn babies, with Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas belting out some Christmas classics which were beamed to the inserted Babypods of the audience members:

Up for sale now, you can buy the Babypod for £90.97. [Babypod]