'Vague' Bomb Threat Forces Baffled Apple Staff to Evacuate Irish HQ

By Gary Cutlack on at

4,500 Irish Apple employees had a jolly morning of standing around in car parks yesterday, after local police received a "very vague threat" that there was an explosive device in one of the company's offices.

This was enough to have all of Apple's various buildings in and around the company's low tax enclave of Cork evacuated, while police checked the area. The threat was posted via a police web site at 8:30am, leading to the staff being kicked out and mildly inconvenienced at peak coffee/email time of 9:00am.

Local police said: "The premises were searched and all employees were allowed re-enter the buildings once we were satisfied."

The Irish Independent had people on the ground interviewing staff, with one Apple staffer explaining: "I'm sure it's just a hoax. I mean this is Cork. Who would plant a bomb in Cork?" [Independent]

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