We'd Love to Work at NASA's Asteroid-Battling Planetary Defense Office

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rather amazingly named Planetary Defense Coordination Office is a new department within the confines of the space botherers at NASA, one built around the ambition of guarding us from -- or at least letting us know about -- the threat of asteroid and comet impacts that could wipe us all out.

The idea is for the team to "...take a leading role in coordinating interagency and intergovernmental efforts in response to any potential impact threats," meaning it's these guys you need to apply to when all earthly options have expired and detonating an asteroid on a one-way mission to save the planet is all you have left.

John Grunsfeld of NASA's Science Mission Directorate said: "Asteroid detection, tracking and defense of our planet is something that NASA, its interagency partners, and the global community take very seriously. While there are no known impact threats at this time, the 2013 Chelyabinsk super-fireball and the recent 'Halloween Asteroid' close approach remind us of why we need to remain vigilant and keep our eyes to the sky."

Hence the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, a department that could fund itself via t-shirt sales alone. [NASA via Huffington Post]

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