You Can Buy James Bond's Aston Martin DB10, But Don't Expect to Drive it

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Get your cheque-book out, it’s time to become James Bond. Well, sort of. The Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre is being auctioned alongside a load of other Bond-themed goodies, giving filthy-rich fans a taste of the fictional super-spy’s life.

Aston Martin has only made 10 models, and only one will hit the market. The DB10 is clad in carbon fibre, and comes with a 4.7l V8 engine and a top speed of 190mph. It's gorgeous and lovely and dripping in flash too, but is unfortunately neither certified or approved for use on public roads, essentially making it a big, expensive toy. Let’s face it though, you were never going to take this out on your weekly shopping run. Or were you?

As if you needed a sweetener, it will also come bundled with a Daniel Craig-signed plaque and a platinum award from the Aston Martin Works Assured Provenance scheme. According to estimations, you’ll need to fork out between £1 million and £1.5 million for the privilege of trying to use it as a chat-up line. Good luck trying to seal the deal once you've explained that you're not allowed to drive it.

It goes under the hammer at Christie's on 18 February, with all proceeds set to go to charitable causes. [TopGear]

Image: AR

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