You Can Help Nutty Inventor Colin Furze Design the Car of the Future

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Professional out-of-the-box-thinker Colin Furze has teamed up with Ford in a bid to reinvent the car. Whether that’s the entire thing or just aspects of it, Furze, like a bonkers Uncle Sam, wants YOU to step up and get involved.

If you’ve seen Ford’s slightly-confusing new ‘unlearn’ TV ads, you’ll know that the company wants to shake the car industry up with a bit of good, old-fashioned brain power. As Furze mentions in the promotional clip below, he’s looking to regular folk like us for a wide range of ideas, which could involve rearranged car components, seatbelts that double up as airbags, and... wearable vehicles. Unsurprisingly, this seems like a case of the wackier the better. You can submit your ideas by commenting here or using the #unlearn hashtag on Twitter.

Furze has already had a stab at something similar, having created the outboard motor backpack (video below) back in 2009. It involved the great man strapping a boat motor to himself and jumping into a river. Once you're done with Ford Mr Furze, fancy reimagining the smartwatch for us?

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