A Welsh Home Has the UK's First Tesla Powerwall Battery

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Tesla announced the Powerwall, a big-ass battery designed to be installed in your house and make having solar panels more worthwhile. They launched in Australia last year, and now the UK's first has been installed... In an ordinary house in Wales.

That's right, a house. Not a big flashy building that would look good in publicity photos. Not even a show-home specially designed to show off the tech. An ordinary house in Cardiff owned by electrician and self-confessed tech-head Mark Kerr.

Like a lot of people who own solar panels, Kerr and his family are never in when the sun is actually shining - meaning the excess energy is just sold off to the national grid and they never get to use it. Obviously by having a Powerwall installed, they're able to store that energy for later use.

Kerr's Powerwall was installed by Port Talbot-based Solar Plants, and given to him freely to make sure the boxes work properly. Last year Elon Musk announced the units would cost $3,500 (£2,414), but that doesn't include the cost of installation or the gear needed to make it work. That means Solar Plants hasn't decided on how much it will be selling the Powerwall for.

Despite claims from analysts that the Powerwall could take a decade to pay for itself (the same length of time as its warranty), but that hasn't deterred Kerr. He believes that solar panels have already reduced his energy costs by 20%, and the addition of the Powerwall will increase that total to 80%. [The Guardian]