An Aeroplane Nearly Smashed Into a Drone Over Central London

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Why can't high-tech creations just get along? A new report has described the moment a UAV came close to hitting a passenger jet in the skies above central London last September. According to the UK Airprox Board, the pilot of the Embraer 170 says the plane came within 20m of a pesky drone while flying at 2,000ft.

He initially thought it was a balloon, but quickly realised it was a drone when he spotted its four rotors. The small aircraft reportedly passed down the left-hand side of the plane, which was carrying 76 passengers and descending for touchdown at London City Airport. He reported a 'high' risk of collision, which the UK Airprox Board has backed up by sticking the incident in the risk box marked 'Category A'.

This will certainly not be the last drone-on-aeroplane action we'll see. The two flying machines aren't the best of bed-fellows, and companies are frantically trying to work out how to keep them apart. Geo-fencing looks like one of the best options right now, but it's far from fool-proof. [Standard]

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