Apple Managers Worried That 'click' Looks Too Much Like 'dick'

By Gary Cutlack on at

Loads of serious men sitting around an expensive table in Apple's HQ came up with a potential problem with the El Capitan update tag line "There's more to love with every click." They thought that the lowercase "click" may look like "dick" and could therefore lead to potential online embarrassment on the pages of Reddit.

So, in an incredibly petty piece of software engineering, it had the duty IT man insert a custom span element to add a little more spacing between the letters of "click," presumably in case any members of the Westboro Baptist Church were reading and considering updating their in-house hardware.

A nice before and after animation has been assembled by a man on the Twitter...

...showing that the code change was only used to space out the "click" part of the sentence. Someone, somewhere, within Apple, very seriously suggested that they see "dick" floating before their eyes and wiping itself all over their face every time they see "click," and asked for it to be fixed. We'd like to see that email chain.

The change only applies to the US site, with the UK version of the El Capitan page sticking with the controversial spacing that may be taken by some as a covert endorsement of the love of dicks. [Twitter via TechCrunch]

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