Apple Ordered to Change Apple Watch Advertising After Scratch Court Case

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

After finding a great big crack in the screen of his 10-day-old, apparently scratch-resistant, Apple Watch Sport, Welshman Gareth Cross asked the company to repair his £339 timepiece. Unfortunately, moneybags Apple sent him packing, saying that repair work wasn’t covered by the warranty.

A tenacious Cross, however, made the decision to take Apple to the small claims court in Aberystwyth for breaching the Sale of Goods Act. Despite Apple’s best efforts, the court ruled in Cross’ favour, ordering the tech giant to refund him, cough up £429 in costs, and scratch out (wink, wink) those claims of impact resistance.

"I couldn't understand why they would want to go to court over the issue, but ultimately I wanted [to] stand by my consumer rights," Cross said. "The case did start to become a little stressful, especially toward the end with the prospect of having to attend court to defend my claim against what was the most valuable company in the world." Gareth, you've done well. [BBC]

Image: Phil Dokas via Flickr

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