Bad Boy John McAfee Says He'll Break Into the Pesky FBI iPhone to Protect Encryption

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Rather than posting a dull message about having Apple’s back and sitting back smugly as the people love pours in, maverick John McAfee has offered to step forward and break the encryption on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone for free. He reckons his team could get the job done in around three weeks, and says he hopes the move would ensure that Apple wouldn’t be forced to build a ‘back door’ into its products. The publicity wouldn’t be bad either.

McAfee thinks he’d be able to sneak his way into the device’s systems without creating a security hole that could be exploited by government agencies in the future. As you’d expect, he’s keeping specific details close to his chest.

Not everyone’s convinced, however. "The iPhone is notoriously difficult to hack compared to other devices," security expert Graham Cluley told the BBC. “Good luck to Mr McAfee trying to socially engineer a corpse into revealing its pass-code. The FBI isn't interested anyway, they want to set a precedent that there shouldn't be locks they can't break.”

Whatever happens, let’s hope somebody brings a charger to the party. [BBC]