BAE Systems' 'Swiss Army Knife' Vehicle Looks Like a Real-World Decepticon

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This terrifying-looking thing is Terrier. It’s BAE Systems’ new and improved combat vehicle, which could soon help British soldiers fight the good fight in foreign lands where lives don’t really matter that much. The thing looks bloody scary. It’s been described as the Swiss Army Knife of tanks, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a Transformers movie. Though let’s face it, there’s no way the 32-tonne Terrier would be a goodie.

It's pretty much as heavy-duty as a military vehicle gets, and its list of capabilities is long and impressive. It can:

  • Probe for buried explosives
  • Smash solid concrete with a giant, 8m rock hammer
  • Wade through deep waters
  • Withstand 2m waves
  • Tear up roads
  • Hit speeds of 45mph
  • Be completely remote-controlled from up to 1km away
  • Shift 300 tonnes of earth an hour

It’s essentially the biggest, baddest Robot Wars machine that’s ever existed. Terrier was actually created in 2013, but has now been given added capabilities to bring it up to date. What’s more, since BAE Systems will keep creating more and more modular attachments, the army will be able to upgrade the Terrier on a continuous basis. [Telegraph]